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Resolute Forest Products

Resolute Forest Products is one of the largest forest products companies in North America, supplying customers in nearly 90 countries with pulp and paper materials to make products we all use – products like newspapers, magazines, books, printing and writing papers, tissues and building materials.

The Company has a long heritage in the forestry industry and is the outcome of many mergers and acquisitions – one of the earliest parent companies was established in 1816. Having operated in the boreal forest for generations, we understand the importance of preserving and renewing the natural resources in our care, and balancing environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We’re Based in Canada & the U.S. and We Supply the World

  • We employ nearly 8,500 people.
  • In Ontario, we manage 4.3 million hectares (10.7 million acres) of timberland in the boreal forest. In Quebec, the total area in the boreal forest for which we hold (as the main holder or as co-holder) sustainable forest management certification is 11.7 million hectares (29 million acres).
  • We own or operate over 40 pulp and paper mills and wood products facilities in the United States, Canada and South Korea, as well as hydroelectric and co-generation facilities in Canada.
  • Our products include newsprint, specialty papers, market pulp and wood products.

We Know Sustainable Development is Key to Business Growth

Sustainability is at the heart of the way we do business. Our customers are increasingly looking to improve their own sustainability performance, and we understand it’s important for them to know their suppliers share their values.

  • Our industry is the economic backbone of many communities, and we have a responsibility to ensure that we make business decisions with the long-term health of those communities in mind.
  • We’re committed to strengthening our partnerships with First Nations, our communities, our customers, and our employees.
  • We’ve made significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, having committed to reduce our scope one and scope two emissions by 65 percent by 2015 (2000 base year).
  • We’ve introduced a line of papers that is made using 50 percent less wood fibre, less energy and fewer chemicals.
  • We offer a line of papers that is made from recycled paper, and we own and operate two 100 percent recycled pulp mills in the United States, one 100 percent recycled newsprint mill in Ontario and one 100 percent recycled newsprint mill in South Korea.
  • Around 70 percent of our energy requirements come from renewable sources.

Transparency and Partnership

  • Transparency around our sustainability performance is critical, so we publish a detailed, annual sustainability report that follows the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, a standard praised by the United Nations Global Compact. Our latest report can be found at www.resolutefp.com/sustainability.
  • Our Company and other member companies of the Forest Products Association of Canada, as well as a number of environmental organizations, are partners in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. Signatories to this unique agreement work to identify solutions to conservation issues in the boreal forest that meet the goal of balancing equally the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, and we’re just getting started – we know there is always room to do better.

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